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Sílvia Carré  - portadaSilvia Carré. Catalan aerobatic pilot, 38 years old, graduated in Translation and Interpreting, and she is the mother of two sons. She was one of the 20% of the world population who suffered from aerophobia. Nevertheless, 8 years ago forced by her family she overcame the fear of flying airplanes by taking a special designed course to get rid of that dread. In 2011 she got the private pilot license and discovered the world of aerobatics. 

 Surprisingly, nowadays flying is one of her passions. Last October she competed in her first aerobatic championship, the Pyrenees Cup and Championship of Catalonia in the primary category.

Having a young spirit, and being a friendly and forthcoming person she is the perfect example of self-improvement.


Wednesday, 05 February 2014 16:17

Humpty Bump Part I

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The Humpty Bump is one of the most basic and versatile maneuvers in aerobatics. It consists of a combination of ascending and descending lines with half-arc or "loop" between both lines. In its simplest form, it is considered one of the basic aerobatic figures in which, for the first time, new pilots are forced to work with the aircraft at low speeds, with large gyroscopic forces produced by the propeller.

Zlin 50LS from the Aerobatic Club Barcelona SabadellSome aerobatic planes only come as single-seaters. Perhaps you're asking how you can get started flying if you can't train with an instructor on such a plane. Well, everything is a process. I'll tell you what happened in my case and how I came to fly the Barcelona-Sabadell Aeroclub's Zlin Z-50LS single-seater. Mind you, each situation is different and other situations may be similar or different; what I describe below is just one, mine...

Monday, 20 January 2014 13:40

Paul Bonhomme

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British pilot Paul Bonhomme is well-known in the aerobatic world for his remarkable trajectory as an athlete. For him, aerobatic flight represents the highest freedom in the three dimensional world, and since beginning his career at the age of 22, he has spent 27 years seated regularly at the controls of aerobatic planes. 

Friday, 10 January 2014 15:28

Leo Loudenslager and the Laser 200

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Leo Loudenslager inside the Laser 200Just like we can't talk about the Pitts Special without talking about Curtis Pitts, we can't talk about the Láser 200 without mentioning Leo Loudenslager. These planes signify a turning point in the history of aerobatics; they are the fruit of work, a shared passion, and a philosophy demonstrated by the sacrifice of these people's lives.

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"Aerobatics is the hidden rythm of our soul..."