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Thursday, 24 January 2013 10:19

Kirby Chambliss Suffers Dramatic Accident In El Salvador

Written by  Snap&Roll
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On January 23, Kirby Chambliss had a serious accident in El Salvador while flying a formation high Alpha pass with Skip Stewart. For reasons still unknown, the motor of his Extra 300 completely stopped at the end of the runway, forcing him to make an emergency landing.


According to Skip Stewart who was flying in formation with him,

"Kirby's engine gave out and there was no other place for him to land, so he descended into a rocky ravine and crashed into the side of a steep embankment. The plane collided into the trees and flipped over. I called the rescue helicopter and they arrived immediately.The plane suffered serious damage, but Kirby escaped the aircraft on his feet.”

According to El Salvadorean military, Kirby is doing well, with superficial scratches and bruises.

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