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Thursday, 14 March 2013 09:51

A reporter passed out while broadcasting live

Written by  Snap&Roll
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Reporter Grand Denyer of an Australian channel fainted on his program "Extreme Report" while broadcasting live from an Extra 300L aerobatic plane.

Although the reporter almost faints at the beginning and makes jokes with his companions, when the pilot tells him that they are going to perform some manuevers at 8Gs, the reporter seems very happy and enthusiastic. When they begin the maneuvers, in less than 3 seconds the reporter goes into a state of G-LOC (loss of consciousness induced by G-force acceleration.) Without realizing this, the pilot - due to his inability to see the state of the reporter - continues the manuevers and tells the reporter to tighten up (to contract his body), but the reporter has been in his second "REM dream" for some time now.

Denyer later posted to his Twitter account: "This has never happened to me, but worse...I look horrible when I sleep."

The video is on YouTube and has more than 70,000 views.

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